Casa Ybel Resort Reviews – 5 Stars on The Knot

Another 5 Star Review on The Knot:

Romantic, Exciting & So Well DONE!!! posted 12/23/2014

First of all, my new daughter-in-law should be a wedding planner because the personal touches, table arrangements, bar choices, wedding colors and EVERYTHING else that makes a wedding special were so well done and perfect that her talents at design made it the most amazing event ever!
Casa Ybel did an terrific job. When the guests arrive and before they go down to the beach there is a really nice outdoor pool bar where our guests gathered. We were blessed with terrific weather and the actual vows were down on the beach with the sun lowering in the sky and the clear water. It couldn’t have been more beautiful. Casa Ybel put up an arch on the beach for the bride and groom to stand in front of and there were chairs for the wedding guests. There was also electrical cords running to an area where someone was playing wedding music and that was a nice touch. It was beautiful to watch the groom and groomsmen and the bride and bridesmaids come come down the wood walkway and then onto the beach. It was a nice transition and impressive. Actually it was really memorable.
The reception couldn’t have been more organized. As the guests came up from the beach there was beautiful grassy area outside of the tent where Casa Ybel had set up a bar and tables with hors d’oeuvres. There was a memorial table with pictures of family members who had passed on but that we wish had been in attendance (super cool sentiment), an area to sign a guest book, a board with the seating charts and everyone really enjoyed the little meet and greet on the grassy area while pictures were taken of the Bride and Groom and family members.
The Tent that Casa Ybel put up was FABULOUS! there were white lights strung from the top that I was afraid weren’t going to be enough to see by during dinner and dancing but it was exactly right and SOOOOO romantic. The tables were set up on perfectly manicured grass in a really nice seating arrangement. The table arrangements are provided for by the bridel party and again, I must say, the tables were glorious with runners, soft candles, beautiful dried hydrangea flower arrangements, place cards and teal napkins. Just too beautiful to describe. There was a wooden dance floor right in the middle of the tent and in front of the wedding party table and the bride and groom did a great job with live music for the first half of the wedding and then a DJ for the second half. The food was really great and Thisle Lodge did a great job of moving everyone through the buffet line smoothly. The roast beef was just great…everything was. We had PLENTY of privacy and danced the night away. I can’t say enough about the event. One thing I will say is that I think the more organized the bride and groom are and the more involved in planning for music, table pieces, bar choices and all the smalll details, the better…. if those things are thought out and provided for – you don’t have to worry for one second that Thisle Lodge and Casa Ybel will hold up their end. They do a spectacular job and will help you put on a wedding that will be a memory that you will want to luxuriate in forever.

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