Casa Ybel Resort Reviews – 5 Stars on The Knot

Another 5 Star Review on The Knot:

We were so excited about attending a Wedding in Sanibel Island- we had heard so much about it! Once we arrived, we were overjoyed at what an adorable and charming venue Alexandra & John had chosen as their Wedding location. The rooms were spread out all over the property, instead of a large hotel tower- we could right walk to the ceremony site on the brick sidewalks. The ceremony took place out on the lawn- and the weather was absolutely perfect! We enjoyed cocktails on the patio… and were surprised by the lovely, intimate room for dinner. We had no idea there was a special room for dinner upstairs. The room had a lot of character, and floor to ceiling windows that hosted a great view of the palm trees on the beach. We truly enjoyed our stay – and look forward to finding an excuse to come back!

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