Intimate Beach Wedding Done Right

I simply adore tiny, family only Intimate Weddings. They are just so cozy, and beyond full of love and laughter! Not that the larger ones are not, but there is so much more time to be close and to really enjoy each and every person when it is just immediate family.

Mr. and Mrs. Sikes were married at Casa Ybel Resort on June 30th, 2010, in the most perfect little intimate ceremony, with just immediate family and their beautiful children. Everything about that day and this wedding was personal, sweet, and such a joy to be a part of!!

The wedding was shot by Audrey and Michael from Audrey Snow Photography, who did an amazing job capturing this wonderful family!!

What perfect little angels

Love the simplicity of her gown, with the perfect little embellishments

Pure romantic flowers


Gorgeous bride, so elegant

Sand Ceremony to Blend the Entire Family

LOVE the look when he firsts sees her coming down the aisle

The pure joy on her face says it all-surrounded by the sea oats

This is just the perfect little ceremony. Can you imagine anything more special?


The family blended…love the symbolism here

So happy and in love

First kiss!!!

Isn’t it lovely?
Family portrait

No words to describe! Again, just lovely

This is how the beach is meant to be enjoyed

Timless family love
Loved her gorgeous flowers

Precious girls

Lucky in love

Adorable little cake from Masons Bakery

These next two pictures really capture the romance on Sanibel Island

Beautiful pictures in our lakeside gazebo
The night time shots are so pretty!

All in all, this was another stunning wedding for Casa Ybel, full of pure love and joy, and it was an honor to share in that! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Sikes, and a lifetime of joy and love to you!!

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